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Greywings.com is the online home of the Piccoli family -- Dean, Eileen and Andy the Parrot. It's just the three of us. Man, Woman and Bird. That's about it. If you know us, you know us. If you don't, you don't. If you were expecting an enlightening insight into our personal lives, what we're up to, where we've been, where we're headed... you can forget it. You ain't gettin' squat. What kinda geek puts all his personal stuff on the Internet anyway?

Okay, okay, here's a little known factoid...
My birthday is in December, Eileen's is in February, and Andy's is in March. We all like cash. Send some.


Dean (Man)

Eileen (Woman)

Andy (Bird)

GREYWINGS.COM is the personal, online domain of the Piccoli family of Greenville, South Carolina. All rights reserved. Business solicitations will be ignored. Do not link to this site without approval.